Top Secret: How To Throw An Ultimate Surprise Party

How To Throw An Ultimate Surprise Party

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Showering people with love is an excellent way to promote confidence and self-awareness. Birthdays are landmarks and everyone should celebrate. However, they shouldn’t know about the bash until the very end! Apart from a few exceptions, the majority of people love the idea of getting together with friends, family and loved ones. And, even if they hate it, they have a good time in the end. A surprise party, funnily enough, is only successful when the guest of honor has no idea it’s happening.

So, without further ado, here’s a guide on how to have a successful surprise party. Warning: this message will self-destruct!

Keep A Tight Circle

For an ultimate surprise party, it’s crucial to keep the guest list to a minimum. Not to sound harsh, but the people on the list can ruin the surprise with one slip of the tongue. Close friends and family, however, are as invested in the shock factor as you are and will guard it with their life. Well, they’ll try their hardest not to let the secret go, but it’s the though that counts! To make sure the party is a hit, send the invites to the rest of the group a week before the big day. And, stress it’s a surprise party and the birthday boy or girl can’t find out.

Plan Away From Home

Do you share a space with the person in question? If so, it’s too risky to plan a party under their nose. They could easily rummage through the house, find the party blueprints,  and ruin the whole surprise. Instead, set up a base away from your shared house and keep the plans under lock and key. Try your parents’ home or the in-laws. Then, whenever there is a spare moment, drive around and get to work. Don’t lie because it arouses suspicion. Plenty of marriages have hit the rocks because of a surprise birthday party!

Choose A Bulletproof Location

If you can’t plan it at home, you can’t host the party there either. But, you don’t have time to sneak around behind their back and scope out a new location. So, what you want to do is invent a new date night rule which states you have to try new things. Then, arrange a dinner at a place that you think will be perfect. There are plenty of birthday party locations to choose from, so you better get started fast. As a rule, don’t tell the staff because they could let the cat out of the bag. Instead, enjoy the meal and then call back later for more info.

Set A Conservative Time

Can everyone please get there at 8 o’clock sharp?’ ‘Of course, no problem!’ Then, on the day, guests are coming up the stairs with the guest of honor and the surprise is a massive anticlimax. Don’t worry about asking guests to turn up early when there is alcohol! People can drink and mingle while you smuggle the birthday boy or girl into the arena.

Are you planning the ultimate surprise party? What are your favorite moves?

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