Marriage & Bliss


The journey to the Harris crew you see today began on a summer vacation to the beach with a few of my friends, and a bit of luck on my end to find the future Mrs. Harris. My friends and I were staying with our high school friend at his apartment where his girlfriend at the time was my wife’s roommate. We met at a party and the attraction was there. After multiple dates and many times driving across the state to see her, we decided after 5 years it was time to make it official.  An attraction that has lasted for more than 7 years and we are praying that God will bless us with many more!


We’ve been through all the normal ups and downs of a relationship, but we always come to a common ground and find our happiness in the end.  The thing that makes us special is that we believe in ourselves, and we know that we’re special.  I’ve always pushed confidence in both of us and that has taken us a long way.  Everyone is special in their own way.  What we have is a connection to be on the same page with our goals in life, and the mindsets to know we have to rid ourselves of what’s holding us back and to move forward with positive energy. Our first born Zariah accelerates the actions we are taking to make changes in our lives and to one day be able to devote all of our time to her, and raise her the way we want to.  Our desire may be the same as other families out there, and they may be taking on the same tasks to get home to their children as well.  What we have is special because, it’s special to us.


We both have our talents that make us unique from everyone else in the world.  This gives us our own edge to be successful in anything that we do.  As long as you have a passion about something, and you can follow that passion up with actions you can achieve anything you set out to do.