Loving Our Baby

Loving Our Baby


It’s hard to find the words to describe what it is like being

parents. Now we only have one child but who knows what

God has planned for the future. We love our daughter very

much. To think about how much God loved us to sacrifice

his son’s life to save us. A love that strong is of

great magnitude. We love our daughter with every part of

our being and we would give anything to make her happy

and make sure she has the best life within our means.

It melts our heart to see her smile and brings joy to our day

when we can comfort and provide for  her when she is hurt.

Everything she does is precious and truly a blessing from

God. Her presence gives us energy and it is hard to imagine

that she could ever do any wrong. It is surreal to live in

the moment and experience the product of our creation.

We look forward to watching her grow everyday

and making every day special for her.

Our daughter can only represent a portion of what makes

being a parent the best thing ever.


Without the support of family and friends, we do not know

where we would be. What is very special, is that many of

our close friends and family members are either expecting

or have recently had a child. Our children will get the

opportunity to know each other and hopefully become

lifelong friends like their parents. It is also special because

we can share and grow in this experience together. We are

grateful for everyone who has played a part in the

nurturing and growing of our



As parents, we look forward to the opportunity to

guide and be a model of great character and etiquette. A

responsibility that we would never take lightly. An

experience that has taught us patience, understanding, the

importance of listening, and most importantly what it truly

means to love. The best part about being parents, is that it

has helped us to become better people and we get the

chance to help our children be even better.


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