We were some young thangs when we met. We were both 20 and we met at a college party at my university. He came to the beach with his friends which were friends of my roommates at the time. We linked up and we have been making history ever since. These photos were taken 5 years after we started dated but if I have to say so myself, we still looked young. The guy in these pictures hold my heart and I am so happy to be doing life with him. There is so much personality in these pictures and if you truly know us you will too agree when you see these photos.



April could not get here fast enough as I prepared to marry my best friend. Our dear friend who is also a phenomenal photographer captured the amazing bond we share. My husband is so special to me. He was amazing before we married and I love him more and more each day. The place that we took these pictures is special because when I first met Osric, he took me to this spot on one of our first dates in Greenville.