Our Story

About Us

Our story goes way back. We were college sweethearts that grew up to be married lovers. After marriage came the baby and after the baby came the blog. To say our journey has been adventurous is an understatement. We have experienced the up and downs of maintaining a relationship to include a long distance partnership of 3 years. Our primary goal is being sure to create moments as a family. As such, we enjoy traveling, family gatherings, reading together, and trying out new recipes.

We started this blog because we had so many different experiences that we felt if shared, could impact our community. Relationship close to ending? We have been there. High-risk pregnancy? We have been there. Money problems? We have been there. Long-distance dating? We have been there. Very different upbringings? We have been there. Nothing about our experiences makes us superior. Rather we hope that through our words we will be able to motivate and help someone else during their trial.

This blog was launched unofficially last summer (we are planning an official launch…stay tuned). We have learned so much from so many people and we are touched by those who take away something useful from our site. We try to keep it as real as we can. This is family-friendly site so if it seems as though we are holding back, know that we are not and that we are being respectful.

Osric and I do almost everything together. Including, writing this blog. At first, we truly did not know what we were doing. But as time has passed, we have learned so many things and actually find creative writing to be fun and lowkey addicting. We welcome you to our blog. We hope you enjoy our story and if you have any questions, please email us at info@meettheharrisfamily.com.